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House of Flags & Banners

House of Flags & Banners

Toll Free: 1-888-819-7869

Website: houseofflags.com




Toll Free: 1-888-819-7869 | sales@houseofflags.com

Officially Licensed Vancouver 2010 Olympic Flags for Sale

Officially Licensed Vancouver 2010 Flags for Sale

   Shipping to Eastern Canada

Please call 1-877-540-7869 to order

Limited Edition 2010 Team Canada Flags 

Team Canada Flags - Limited Edition 2010 Flags, Flags Vancouver, Vancouver, BC

Available Feb. 1st, 2010 - while supplies last

Call 1-877-540-7869 to pre-book your order 

2010 World Cup Participating Country Flag Pennant String

Includes Flags for 32 Countries - 65ft Long

$69.00 each while supplies last

 Pennant size is 12" x 18" made of finest polyester
International Country Flag Pennant Strings  


House of Flags & Banners | 1-888-819-7869 | flagsvancouver.com


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